Communities identified as underprivileged share a common characteristic; they lack privilege, basic rights, benefits, and advantages that other communities possess. Money can open ways to a lot of opportunities and privileges. Financially privileged people have no trouble in getting all the materialistic as well as intellectual things due to the opportunities and resource availability they have. Big houses, cars, better scholastic education as well as respect are the easy getting things for them. On the other hand, less privileged or underprivileged people lack all these facilities and opportunities, even though they do not have enough resources to fulfill their basic needs as well.

To get all the luxuries in life underprivileged have to work a lot harder to get a nice house, a big car, and access to good education. As far as the educational concerns for the underprivileged it could not be possible to go to the best schools but basic education is something they can get to prove themselves as morally and ethically good and responsible citizens in life. Education can teach them how to learn respect and appreciate what they have in life more thankfully. So, when people will look at them they will get to learn what underprivileged people can get the most out of life instead of the person who came up in affluence and privilege.

All the people out there get respect whether they are privileged or underprivileged, but the privileged people mostly get superficial respect because of the money they have, because money says ‘’ I have more power than you’’. Instead of the privileged getting anything money can buy Underprivileged can learn things money can never buy. “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” Such a good statement we can learn an important life lesson from.

People who become rich in a shorter period do not help others in getting basic life needs instead they keep spending on themselves to fulfill their needs of luxurious life. It doesn’t mean at all that they are cold blood but selfish; they are unaware of the fact of donating money to needy people because they were poor and became rich suddenly. It is always beneficial to keep donating money instead of keeping the treasure because God has promised he will return you many folds of the donated amount.

People rich by heart are those who help underprivileged people in getting basic education, shelter, and all basic life needs. Spending less money to fulfill desires and keep the money for emergencies and donating to non-profit organizations to fulfill a basic need is beyond humanity. Non-profit organizations work for the betterment of society; the people who run them are God-sent and keep their needs aside to fulfill the needs of underprivileged children and elder people.

People who are unable to cope up with the poverty they are facing. They provide them with education, recreation, and health care facilities. They make shelter homes for them and teach them the skills they can live their life without depending on others. They raise money to feed the homeless, the ones who are abandoned, and disabled, orphaned, displaced babies, and their communities.

They help all those people who are God gifted with multiple talents and are unable to utilize their abilities due to lack of resources. They are the true gem of the nation and can bring positive change in society with unbeatable talents. Volunteers and employees at non-profit organizations are not less than a blessing; they spend their valuable time helping those talented stars and unable them to sparkle with full light and energy. These underprivileged people are the real game-changers because they are empathic and can help others of their kind to generate positive energy and productivity for the betterment of society. Due to lack of resources so many talented and brilliant children are unable to get basic education to help their countries to develop better.

In the past, the acceptance of underprivileged and disabled children was a slow and difficult process. In older days even in ancient times, they were considered as a curse that was to throw out of society. The parents whom these born did not accept them as normal human beings, they treated them so badly and threw them in a forest to be eaten by animals and if sickness befell these children they were not taken care of at all but now these non-profit organizations have changed everything. They not only accept these kids but also take care of them and treat them with care and affection.