CETALF is currently represented in two countries; USA and Cameroon. Volunteers in each of these countries make up their teams. However, we welcome and appreciate volunteers, for all they do to help this organization operate successfully. Our organization is being led by a board of directors, officers and the general team.


Celine Njeck

Helping others in need has always been one of my selfless attributes. Our world is quite complex and children are the most susceptible to its hazards

Sarah Ekwelle

I am passionate to contribute in the growth and development of the underprivileged. I volunteer because it is my opportunity to give back to the community

Hannah Eyong

Hannah has been one of the most critical people in the CETALF family, actively partaking in planning all CETALF driven activities. Added to her rigorous ability


Treasurer – Pamela Nyang

I am an auditor by profession. Being a volunteer had always been my dream and CETALF made this dream come true. I am a volunteer and a very happy one

Director of compliance/legal operations - Etukeni Betrand

I was convinced to volunteered my services for CETALF because of my passion and love

Director of Development – Besong Etchu

Besong Etchu is a young professional based in the Netherlands. She is a holder of a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Finance.

Assistant Director of compliance/legal operations - Etukeni Betrand

My main reason for joining CETALF is its foundational and operational goals. Helping the needy


Terence Babila - Director of Social Affairs

I am an IT expert by profession and an event planner. I joined CETALF because I have a passion to assist the underprivileged.

Mispah Njoh – Assistant Treasurer

I love to share smiles with people, and I realized that the best way to go about this is by offering Service to humanity.

Edang Clarisse – Assistant S.G

I am the Assistant Secetary General in CETALF. A humanitarian committed in serving humanity and improving lives. A human rights activist

Stephen Echochu ----PRO

I am a peace and conflict resolution advocate, a student union Administrator and a humanitarian. I am the pioneer beneficiary of CETALF

Programs Coordinator – Rosaline Achah

I am Teboh Rosaline Acha. Besides being an English Language Instructor, i am also Gender Activist

Event/Fundraising coordinator – Sumbai Ekane

My motivation for volunteering is altruism. I always feel the need to offer a helping hand to struggling children

Media Coordinator – Arrey Brandon

Hi everyone I am Arrey Brandon a volunteer from CETALF Cameroon. Oh the love I have for children

Advisor – Susan Angoh

I lost my father when I was three years old and since then my mother struggled and raised me up with support from other well-wishers.