Who We Are

Welcome to Celine’s Teacher And Lord’s Foundation (CETALF ).

Celine’s Teacher and Lord’s Foundation (CETALF) is an international Christian-based Nonprofit organization. This organization is duly registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, with a 501( C) 3 status. This organization was created to improve on the Education, Health Care, Recreation and Daily living challenges of underprivileged children. Our goal is to identify, and assist abandoned, disabled, orphaned, displaced babies, children, and their communities. We support and sensitize, to empower and enrich lives, one child at a time.

In addition, because the needs in the communities we serve are many, we seek to impact the poorest of the poor (children who need it most). CETALF identifies communities with children who barely have a meal daily, poor source of water to drink, poor education systems for example, one teacher is employed to teach unrelated subjects, to pupils/students in more than one classroom, limited access to a healthcare facilities which leads to the rise in the death rate in Cameroon. These disadvantaged individuals live to see the next day by chance and without a plan, they take each day as it comes (NO HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. We should all ask ourselves why so when they have us to help them.