Founder’s Story

“It is our submissions that will make their world go round”.

~Maya Angelou

Cameroon-born Celine Ejoh Njeck, who holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and a Master's in Business Administration, is the founder of CELINE'S TEACHER AND LORD'S FOUNDATION (CETALF). Celine Njeck (Daughter of Mr. Njeck Zachee and Mrs. Angoh Susana Njeck) was raised in a Christian home with three siblings. She grew up with a lifelong dream to support and empower the less privileged children, which motivated her to form this organization.

In December 2010, Celine had the opportunity to travel from Cameroon, her country of origin, to the US, where she obtained her master's degree. Right after her graduation, she felt it was time to set up a platform where people passionate about helping orphaned, disabled, abandoned, displaced children would support many of such underprivileged children. She said growing up; she witnessed many parents struggling to provide opportunities for their children to live a better life. Some children dropped out of school because their parents could not afford to sponsor them and bear other academic expenses; even many orphaned children can barely have a meal a day. She felt regretful when children from well-to-do families made fun of peers with deficiencies and disabilities.

Celine's origin is Camroom, the city in West Africa, where 39% of people live under the poverty line. Her intense desire is to assist and empower the partially abled, orphaned, vulnerable, and underprivileged children to realize their potential. She wants to improve their lives and become contributing members of society to bring effective and positive change in their communities.

She advocated for them by sharing her vision with a few friends. By the Grace of God, some friends started donating to support her mission to pay academic fees, buy uniforms, books, pens, and other school supplies for children who needed them to go back to school.

She believes that all children, regardless of race, religion, sect, or caste, have the same fundamental rights. And together, we can bring positive change and help them provide stable, loving, nurturing life. She also believes if she can help one person dream, hope, believe in humanity, and give a chance to live a decent life, they in return will do the same to others, and thus we can change our world.

“I have been helped, so I know what it means to be helped.”

~Celine Njeck